A fast-paced survival game that is designed to test the skills and quick-thinking ability of players

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Inspired by PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUND, Rules of Survival is another third-person shooter than brings fast and furious multiplayer combat to your Windows desktop.

Supporting arenas of up to 120 players, Rules of Survival is set on an island stocked with vehicles, forts, and weapons to create plenty of strategic and tactical situations. Boasting a player base of 200 million worldwide, you aren't likely to find its game servers empty of opponents. Game modes includes last man standing, partners, and 5-man team competitions.

The controls featured by Rules of Survival are standard fare for this type of game. You move using a keyboard or soft controls on mobile devices that allow you to move, jump, duck, or open fire. Objects in the arena that you can interact with have buttons that can be tapped or clicked. You also get a HUD map showing your location on the island to help you plan your next maneuver.

When a match begins, players parachute onto the island in random locations. From there, they search the immediate area for assets like weapons, equipment, and vehicles that they can use against each other. As the match progresses, the size of the arena is gradually reduced by a wall that eliminates any player that touches it. This adds some urgency to the proceedings, forcing players who prefer to bide their time and play a defensive game to engage and stay active.

Overall, Rules of Survival is an enjoyable addition to the battle royale genre of third-person shooters. It captures the winning formula pioneered by hits like PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUND and creates a scaled down experience for shorter play sessions. The graphics aren't bad to look at, and the app performs well without many glitches.


  • Huge player base
  • Several game modes
  • A multitude of vehicles and weapons


  • In-app purchases

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